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Green Deal, External Wall Insulation, External Wall Cladding

Green Deal Cladding for Covering External Wall Insulation

Dura Cladding manufactured from composite timber is the ideal product for finishing the exterior of buildings which have been fitted with external Green Deal wall insulation.

Dura cladding manufactured from composite timber is the ideal product for finishing the exterior of non or badly insulated buildings which have been fitted with external wall insulation.

Green Deal

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) aims to revolutionise the energy efficiency of British properties. The Green Deal plans to help home owners make energy-saving home improvements for no upfront cost. From 2013, home owners may be able to get finance of up to £10,000 to insulate their homes. Dura Cladding is designed to be used in conjunction with external wall insulation for houses with a solid wall non-insulated structure. Recent press also suggests that home owners who insulate their homes could be offered a reduction in stamp duty or council tax. As the UK benefits from the costs savings associated with externally insulated walls, Dura Cladding can provide a cost effective and easy-to-install solution for transforming the appearance of any building at the same time as achieving energy cost savings.

Dura Cladding can be installed over external wall insulation to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Dura Cladding can be installed over external wall insulation to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

External wall insulation

Dura Cladding is generally installed over external wall insulation onto 50mm x 50mm timber battens screwed to the wall and spaced at 600mm centres. When insulating exterior walls, the battens need to be increased in depth to 100mm. 75mm thickness Celotex FR5000 PIR insulation or similar is then fixed to the wall between the battens, leaving a 25mm air gap at the front. Dura cladding is then fixed to the timber batten with screws in the usual way. This insulating system benefits houses, barns, outbuildings, offices, factories and commercial buildings, providing vastly improved insulation, as well as transforming the outside appearance.

External wall cladding can be supplied in standard profiles to suit various cladding projects. Specific profiles can be produced to order according to volume.

External wall cladding

An external wall cladding range which has such a high recycled content and uses resins and timber which is procured through sustainable forestry, is the perfect finishing touch to an eco-friendly, low emission house or commercial building. As the UK benefits from the costs savings associated with externally insulating walls, Dura external wall cladding can cover the insulation and provide a cost-effective and easy-to-install solution for transforming the appearance of any building at the same time as achieving energy cost savings.



External Wall Insulation will Reduce Heating Bills

  • Dura Cladding will provide even further insulation, whilst at the same time transforming the appearance of the building.
  • External wall insulation will reduce noise pollution as well as keeping the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Excellent value life cycle costs.
  • Corrosion and weather resistant.
  • High performance construction
  • Dura Cladding consists of 87% recycled materials.

Wood Composite Cladding in Conjunction with External Wall Insulation

Wood composite cladding in conjunction with external wall insulation

Lower cost heating bills for offices and commercial buildings

The most significant heat loss in any property is through the external walls. This is estimated to be approximately 45% of the total heat loss, resulting in high heating bills. By insulating your external walls, you can drastically reduce heat loss and significantly lower heating bills.

Warmer heat levels for commercial and domestic buildings

Your home or commercial property will warm up more quickly and you won’t have to keep the heating on for as long to reach a comfortable temperature. Condensation will be reduced and without it less mould growth will occur, leading to a healthier living environment.

Transforms external appearance

With the installation of external wall insulation, your residential or commercial property can be transformed by using Dura wood plastic composite cladding to cover the insulation.

Solid Wall Insulation

Solid wall insulation

Insulating solid walls could cut heating costs considerably, because solid walls let through twice as much heat as cavity walls.

If your commercial or domestic property was built before 1920, its external walls are probably solid rather than cavity walls. Cavity walls are made or two layers with a small gap or ‘cavity’ between them. Solid walls have no gap, so they let much more heat escape. Solid walls can be insulated from the outside and once complete the savings on heating bills will be considerable.

External wall insulation

External wall insulation involves fixing a layer of insulation foam material to the wall, then covering it with Dura cladding.

Benefits of external wall insulation

  • Can be applied without disruption to the living or work areas.
  • Does not reduce the floor area of your building.
  • Enhances the appearance of outer walls.
  • Fills cracks and gaps in the brickwork, which will reduce draughts.
  • Increases the life of your walls by protecting the brickwork.
  • Reduces condensation of internal walls and can help prevent damp.
  • This process may need planning permission – check with your local council.
  • This work requires good access to the outer walls.

Natural Wood Look Wall Cladding for Offices and Commercial Buildings

Natural wood look wall cladding for offices and commercial buildings

Long life weathering properties

External wall insulation is a layer of insulation fixed to the outside of a property and covered by cladding. Properties built before 1920s usually have solid rather than cavity walls. Solid walls tend to let more heat escape from the property than cavity walls. This type of insulation will dramatically reduce the heat travelling through solid walls, helping you lesson fuel bills and make buildings warmer in winter and cooler in Summer. Also Dura Cladding can help enhance the external appearance.

Wood Plastic Composite Cladding (WPC) is an Ever Increasingly Popular Choice

Wood plastic composite cladding (WPC) is an increasingly popular choice

Eco-friendly and long life weathering properties

Dura Cladding is produced from wood plastic composite (WPC) which is manufactured by an extrusion process using a mix of recycled plastics and hardwood with various bespoke additives. WPC is an immensely versatile material which combines the traditional appearance of timber with the durability and resilience of an engineered composite.

Dura Cladding is an ever increasingly popular choice for finishing the outside of commercial and domestic buildings. Coloured or timber effect cladding is an attractive and economical way to finish the exterior of both new and refurbished buildings.

Dura Cladding provides a hard wearing, protective layer against the elements and is an excellent insulator.

External wall insulation and WPC cladding for commercial properties

Minimal maintenance wood plastic composite cladding

The high performance Dura Cladding system offers excellent durability and protection against rain, UV rays from sunlight and cracking. Our finishes have the colour pigments added during the mixing process which means they never have to be painted, providing you with a low maintenance cladding solution.

Increased property value

With a transformation to the exterior and increased thermal performance, the value of your property could increase accordingly.

Carbon footprint reduction

High levels of heat loss also result in a high carbon footprint, by reducing these levels by adding insulation and cladding you will not only be saving money but helping to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions.

Why insulate externally

If you own a property without cavity walls, improving its thermal performance means insulating the walls externally. Using external wall insulation has the following advantages:

  • No internal space is lost as the insulation is on the outside walls.
  • No need to vacate the property while insulation work takes  place and no need to move furniture and fittings.
  • No internal redecoration is required particularly offices, commercial and domestic properties.
  • Thicker or higher performing foams can be used resulting in higher insulated properties.
  • An exterior finish consisting of Dura Cladding profiles can often increase the visual aspect of the building considerably.


  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Public Buildings
  • Superstores
  • Architectural Fascias
  • Commercial Premises
  • Leisure Centres
  • Holiday Parks
  • Theme Parks


  • High performance composite construction
  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Permanent colour
  • 316 stainless steel fixings available
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to erect / install
  • Corrosion and weather resistant
  • Fire resistant grades available
  • Simple cutting and installation on site
  • Excellent value ‘life cycle cost’
  • UV Stable

Cladding Trims & Accessories

Cladding Trims & Accessories

Dura Cladding Colour Visualiser

Please click above to view the various cladding colour options.

Dura Cladding For:

  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Public Buildings
  • Superstores
  • Factories
  • Leisure Centres
  • Holiday Parks
  • Supermarkets
  • Theme Parks
  • Domestic Housing

Colour Options

Colours shown are representative only, actual colours may vary slightly. Dura Cladding is manufactured using a proportion of natural wood, in high temperatures there may be a slight fade over a period of years. Colour samples are available on request.


available for Type 250 flush


available for Type 250 flush


available for Type 200 flush


(with natural flecks) available for Type 300 flush


(with natural flecks) available for Type 300 flush