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Dura Grating Installation Guide

You can download and view a PowerPoint presentation on how to install Dura Grating below:

Download Installation Guide (Powerpoint)

1. Cutting Tool Options

Jigsaw (Bosch T341HM tungsten tipped blade only)Jigsaw (Bosch T341HM tungsten tipped blade only)

  • Used for simple straight cuts, radius edges and for intricate shapes
  • Useful for notching out sections
  • A proficient Jigsaw operator is capable of absolute precision



Circular Saw (diamond tipped blade only)Circular Saw (diamond tipped blade only)

  • For cuts that exceed 1 metre and provides a perfect straight line cut
  • Usually quicker than using a jigsaw but limited to cuts in one direction at a time
  • Can be sourced from Dewalt, Bosch or Hilti etc
  • A proficient Circular Saw operator is capable of absolute precision


Angle Grinder (metal blade only)Angle Grinder (metal blade only)

  • A compromise between Jigsaws and Circular Saws
  • Metal blades will wear more quickly than diamond tipped type but cut just as quickly
  • Smaller blades & lack of cutter guide mean that accuracy relies on operator precision
  • A proficient Angle Grinder operator is capable of executing accurate cuts

2. Standard Fixing Tool Options


  • Used for creating the fixing points in the structure beneath the grating
  • UK specifications require an M8 fixing so an 8mm or 9mm hole is drilled
  • Drill can also used with attachments such as Hex (Allen) key tool or a socket to the correct diameter of the fixing bolt to enable rapid tightening of the fixings




  • Standard spanners can be selected to suit the relevant fixing bolt
  • Spanner allows the operator to tighten all fixings





Fixing Systems

Square Recess Clip (& Nut, Bolt & Washer)

  • Involves drilling the supporting structure and fixing panel down with nut & bolt
  • This method requires access underneath the grating panel
  • Square Recess ClipAverage installation speeds
  • (Recommended for Dura Tread products)

Square Recess Clip (& Self Drilling, Self Tapping Bi-Metallic Screw)

  • Is the easiest fixing system
  • Is most suited to projects when fixing to a metal structure
  • Designed to self drill through the steel and cut its own thread
  • Results in rapid installation speeds
  • Does not require access under the grating panel

Clamping System

  • A J-Clamp assembly that clamps to the structure beneath the grating
  • This method also requires access underneath the grating panel

Screw Fixing

  • Traditional screws can be used for installation onto a wooden structure
  • Can be used in conjunction with a standard clip (see above) and a variety of wood Screws dependant on the thickness of grating and the structure beneath

Offshore Cutting & Installation

  • Fibreglass Grating panels can be cut on-site in an off-shore environment using any of the recommended hand tools previously listed
  • It is possible to choose from a number of international power tool manufacturers such as Dewalt, Bosch or Hilti

Dewalt, Bosch and Hilti

  • These suppliers tend to have excellent warranty and customer support facilities
  • We regularly use battery powered tools on installations in the UK where extra mobility is required, this may be a suitable option in on off-shore environment out of range of a power supply
  • It is essential to keep a large stock of the appropriate blades to suit each power tool