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Heysham Power Station

Over a period of years, excessive corrosion had occurred to the existing galvanised steel cooling water draining gully covers. The corroded steel grating was a potential safety hazard, and the covers were difficult to remove without lifting equipment.

Heysham Power Station

Fibreglass Grating Ltd secured the Contract to supply replacement lightweight no-maintenance Fibreglass Grating to all areas. The new covers were easily installed using simple hand tools and carbide edged saws.

The installation, the new 38mm thick Gully cover sections can be handled easily when maintenance and repairs take place. The maximum anti-slip gritted surface provides secure footing in all weathers. The Grating Cover Panels are non-magnetic, non-sparking, non-conductive, and completely maintenance-free.

A wide range of stainless steel hold-down fixings and panel-to-panel joiners are available for all Grating types.

Fibreglass Floor Grating is available in four panel sizes, four thicknesses, three surface finishes, and manufactured to ISO9001 specifications.

Typical installations include anti-slip floor systems, walkways, work platforms, gully covers, catwalks, bridges, machine guards, non-conductive fencing etc.