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Irish Pioneer Offshore Unit

Dura Composites Cures Slippery Decks
The Irish Sea Pioneer is a self-propelled jack-up mobile offshore unit, owned and operated by Halliburton in Liverpool Bay, providing offshore support services to BHP Billiton.

The Irish Sea Pioneer’s problem was the raised cargo rail system – whilst essential to operations – it created a trip hazard to persons working on the aft deck.

Irish Pioneer Offshore Unit

Understandably, Halliburton was concerned about the Health and Safety issue. They needed a strong, load-bearing non-slip surface that would allow crew to move around the ship’s deck in safety. They set about finding a walking surface that could cope with oil and water, and provide a strong, robust self-supporting surface whilst at sea.

After a workforce consultation, and a formal Hazard Assessment, a solution was identified. Dura Composites supplied 50mm thickness Fibreglass Grating panels cut into specific shapes, which fitted around the cargo rail system, to provide a flush-fitting working area. As strong as steel, yet only a quarter of the weight, the Fibreglass Grating could be fitted using small hand tools.

This had the effect of making all the deck area one level, with the gritted top surface further enhancing safety standards. With the trip hazard eliminated, the crew can now work safely over the entire deck area, even when the ship is at sea in severe weather conditions.