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Olympic Opening Ceremony Athens 2004

Dura Composites Provides Platform for Spectacular Olympic Games Opening Ceremony – 2004

Fibreglass Floor Grating was selected for its excellent anti-slip qualities, exceptional strength and the ability to support thousands of competitors.

August 2004, and the eyes of the world are on Athens as the centrepiece of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony is revealed.

Olympic Opening Ceremony Athens 2004

The Olympic Arena has been transformed into a vast man-made lagoon, where performers will walk on water, and on which thousands of competitors will greet the watching world.

When Greece was planning the 2004 Olympic Games, they wanted to make sure the Opening Ceremony was bigger and better than anything in Olympic history. It was to be an extravaganza where theology and technology combined with stunning results.

Everything was centred around a vast man-made lagoon, which covered the stadium floor and contained over 2 million litres of water measuring almost 10,000 square metres. A submerged Fibreglass Grating platform enabled performers to appear to ‘walk on water’.

A giant fireball was launched through the air, igniting the lagoon on impact and lighting up the Arena in flames forming the shape of the Olympic Rings. The flames were powered by a sub-water gas system just below the water level.

The lagoon had taken six hours to fill, yet in just three minutes the water would drain away leaving a platform on which thousands of the world’s finest competitors would make their entrance and mark the start of the competition.

So, a material was required strong enough to withstand the weight of thousands of people yet be completely non-slip even when underwater.

With a stadium full of seventy-two thousand people, and over four million watching worldwide, there could be no room for accidents or errors.

We are proud to say that only Fibreglass Grating Mimi-Mesh grating met and exceeded specifications.

Dura Composites , a supplier to Stage One Creative Services who were commissioned by Jack Morton Public Events, the producers of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.