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RNLI Comments

RNLI Comments“From the RNLI’s point of view there are two issues – Non-slip and the Aesthetic issue – on the basis that the position of the pontoon is really in a working port, it is adjacent to residential occupied properties, so the aesthetic issue is very important.

The non-slip quality is of the first order. You stick like the proverbial ‘to a blanket’, and aesethically it does look very, very clean indeed. Very clean. That’s really the major two issues for the RNLI. It sits very nicely with the rest of the pontoons. It needs a clean every now and again, but to be honest whatever tends to land on it, doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. You can run as quickly as you like on it, and you won’t get bothered. The non-slip qualities – they are first class.

No – we have no problems with it at all. We are delighted with it – it’s clean, it’s precise, the non-slip qualities are of the first order.”