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Service Risers, Lift Riser Floors, Riser Shaft Decking, Riser Decks

High Strength Structural Composite Fibreglass Grating for Service Risers and Lift Risers.

Service Risers, Lift Riser Floors, Riser Shaft Decking, Riser Decks

Steel frames fixed within the slab to form service risers and lift risers with Dura Grating

The service apertures for service risers can be cut out on site using a cordless Jigsaw.

Service Risers

Service risers, also known as decking risers, or shaft risers are often used to provide a safe working environment, during construction, refurbishment or demolition. Poorly protected holes are a major health and safety issue, with the danger of people working on the site falling through, but also the threat of building materials or debris dropping through as well. Therefore designers and specifiers have a responsibility under CDM regulations to ensure all voids are protected and maintained to the highest possible standard.

GRP riser grating is the ideal solution for these voids, and is often specified to provide a safe working environment in the fitting of lift equipment. It can however, also be used in a variety of other applications, including stairwell man holes, storage tanks, valve chambers, floor slabs, lift shafts and any other kind of floor opening.

Dura Grating for service risers have been used on the Ravensbourne College project. Installed as early as possible following form work removal, the Dura Grating risers form part of the general floor plate. The mesh size (12mm) of the service riser grating ensures that traditional ply covering are not required. In addition, service penetrations can be cut into the service riser grating in the permanent location. The project made the decision to use Dura Grating for the service riser floors based on the information from the supplier and experience from new BLL contracts.

Service Risers

Service Risers

Dura Grating lift riser decking is fire resistant, non-magnetic and corrosion proof.

Lift Riser Decking

The main benefits of Dura Grating lift riser decking are as follows:

  • Can be installed prior to removing the formwork from below eliminating the risk of falls.
  • Fits within rebate to top edge of the lift riser shaft opening therefore maintaining full size of opening for rising services and finishes flush with slab for ease of bracket installation.
  • Service holes can be progressively cut easily with standard cordless jigsaw
  • Small aperture size of grating prevents objects falling through. Additionally, the mesh size of the GRP service riser flooring ensures that a traditional ply covering is not required
  • Corrosion proof du to the high percentage of resin in moulded fibreglass.
  • The use of fibreglass grating for service shafts helps to reduce maintenance costs, as painting is not required, and the light weight eliminates the need for additional equipment.
  • Moulded fibreglass grating riser shafts offer increased load capacity thanks to its bi-directional trait.
  • Lightweight, anti-slip and fire resistant making it the perfect material for floor raisers.

Installation Sequence

Naturally the size and type of holes will determine the protection needed from your GRP service risers:

1) Dura Tread panel factory cut into size of riser opening and delivered to site.

2) 40mm deep by 50mm wide rebate cast in top edge of concrete to locate into.

Service Risers Installation Sequence

3) Fixed immediately into place following striking of formwork.

Lift Risers, Riser Decking, Riser Floors, Floor Risers, Grating Shaft Floors

Lift Risers, Riser Decking, Riser Floors, Floor Risers, Grating Shaft Floors

4) Screw & washer fixed into position at each corner to prevent removal of Dura Tread riser.

5) Services contractor to mark out cut required.

6) Intermediate supports (steel) fixed to under side of Dura Tread if the above requirements  create a risk that the surface area will be reduced too much by services penetrations. Supports to be fixed in place prior to any cuts to Dura Tread riser.

7) Services openings cut with jigsaw, circular saw or angle grinder with metal cutting blade. Cutting access holes in the fibreglass lift void coverings does not weaken the panel and does not generally require additional or costly supports.

Lift Risers, Riser Decking, Riser Floors, Floor Risers, Grating Shaft Floors


The use of fibreglass grating for service riser voids eliminates much of the time and effort of the installation process. Numerous cut-outs for piping, valve access and column penetrations can be made without the need for additional structural framing.

Easily cut on site, maintenance free and lightweight, Dura Grating is the ideal Simple Riser Platform Solution.

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Lift Risers, Riser Decking, Riser Floors, Floor Risers, Grating Shaft Floors